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Iago Lastra — @iagolast
Consulting and training and development.
Frontend Testing Architecture TypeScript React
⏲ Min:1h/week — Max:4h/week
€ Pricing: 120€/h
Carmen Delgado — @CarmenDelgado
Consultancy for digital projects for startups, SME or non-profit.
Project Management Process optimization Finance
⏲ Min:2h/week — Max:8h/week
€ Pricing: Depending on the project
Genís Díaz — @genisdiaz
I help companies in their problems with websites giving support on the frontend side.
Reactjs Angularjs or Angular4+ Nextjs GatsbyJS
⏲ Min:2h/week — Max:10h/week
€ Pricing: Depending on the project
David Levai — @David Levai
Mentoring developers to become freelancers, indie makers, and build better products.
Javascript Entrepreneurship Typescript Software Architecture UX SaaS
⏲ Min:2h/week — Max:6h/week
€ Pricing: Short-term mentoring: 190€/h, long-term: unique
Davide Barbato — @Davide Barbato
I make your business innovate faster by performing real risk analysis, by deploying transparent security through automation, by fostering a culture where people feel empowered in keeping the company secure thanks to their direct contribution.
ISO27001 Risk Management Penetration testing/Vulnerability Assessment SOC Vulnerability Management Incident Response DevSecOps
⏲ Min:2h/week — Max:8h/week
€ Pricing: Depending on the service requested
Xavi Ametller — @Xavi Ametller
Trainings and consultancy on multiple areas of Software development in general, expert in nothing but knowledgeable in many areas
Agile Testing Cloud Continuous Delivery .Net
⏲ Min:2h/week — Max:8h/week
€ Pricing: Close rate
Mikel Díez Buil — @Mikel Díez Buil
Full-stack developer
Python React TypeScript Testing library Symfony
⏲ Min:2h/week — Max:8h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly
Oriol Saludes — @oriolsr
Full-stack developer. Support to the frontend and the backend side. Help with the testing and refactoring of the code.
React Angular TypeScript PHP Symfony kotlin Spring boot
⏲ Min:2h/week — Max:20h/week
€ Pricing: Depending on the service requested
Marc Pérez Martí — @perezmarc
Product. Frontend developer. Backend developer. Full-stack developer.
Jobs to be done Rodmapping Agile Vue Angular React Typescript Javascript Python Django Node SQL MongoDB
⏲ Min:2h/week — Max:10h/week
€ Pricing: Depending on the service requested
Sergio Campos — @Sergio Campos
Java backend developer. Web developer.
Java Spring framework Oracle SQL Server Javascript CI/CD Docker
⏲ Min:2h/week — Max:30h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly
Pedro Pardal — @ppardalj
Technical Agile Coach. I can help coaching good development practices and upskilling an entire team. Legacy project rescue.
Test Driven Development Clean Code Refactoring Legacy Code .NET ASP MVC Java Spring boot PHP Symfony CI/CD Mob programming
⏲ Min:2h/week — Max:20h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly
Vicent Soria Durá — @vicent
Hybrid profile: Agile [ Developer | SysAdmin | CTO ]. I can help you with cloud migrations, infrastructure as code, scalability, observability, CI/CD pipelines, systems architecture, etc. Just ping me and let's talk.
IaC: Terraform, Cloudformation, Ansible, Packer, ... AWS Docker Go Python PHP Symfony Test Driven Development CI/CD: Jenkins, Travis, Github Actions, ...
⏲ Min:5h/week — Max:20h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly / Depending on the service requested
Joan Albert Segura Rueda — @joan.albert
Full-stack developer. I do trainings, and help building MVPs for pre-seed startups or small projects, from low-code solutions to building and setting up infrastructure and API integrations.
Javascript/Typescript React Node Python Elixir Docker Kubernetes AWS
⏲ Min:5h/week — Max:25h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly
Victor Fondevilla — @vfondevilla
Cloud Architect, AWS, OpenStack. I can help your team to implement DevOps practices.
Python Terraform Cloudformation Ansible AWS Docker Kubernetes Jenkins Gitlab
⏲ Min:2h/week — Max:25h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly
Stefan Majiros — @stefanmajiros
Mobile developer: React Native and serverless. I develop mobile apps for Android and iOS with React Native that rely on native modules and that use serverless backend (AWS Amplify or Google Firebase). Looking for startups owners, CTOs or teamleads.
MVP Javascript/Typescript React Native NodeJS AWS Firebase Amplify Android serverless iOS Swift Kotlin Appstore GooglePlay
⏲ Min:8h/week — Max:60h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly
Jose Gomez — @Jose Gomez
Software engineering. Technical direction. Project management. AWS system architect.
AWS serverless iOS Android Node.js PHP MySQL NoSQL Angular Redux Jira Scrum Kanban
⏲ Min:5h/week — Max:20h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly
Ronny López — @ronnylt
Software engineering. Technical direction. Technical leadership. Cloud architect. Technology advisor. Interim CTO. Technical co-founder.
AWS GCP Kubernetes Golang Typescript Architecture Software design Scalability
⏲ Min:5h/week — Max:20h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly
Javier Molpeceres — @Javier Molpeceres
Full-stack development, Architecture definition, Cloud, Software engineering
Node Typescript React AWS Golang Business requirements Python CI/CD SQL-NOSQL Architecture Microservices
⏲ Min:5h/week — Max:20h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly
Guillermo de la Puente — @Guillermo de la Puente
Frontend developer, full-stack developer, MVPs for startups, maintenance and bug fixing on web apps, performance improvements, design system implementations, team and project management.
TypeScript / JavaScript React Node Next.js Node frameworks (Express, Koa) State management (React Query, Redux, etc.) AWS Serverless platforms (Firebase, Supabase, Vercel, etc.) Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firestore, etc.) Automated testing (Jest, TDD) CI/CD
⏲ Min:3h/week — Max:30h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly / Depending on the service requested
Jordi Pallarés — @JordiPallares
Software engineering. MVPs for startups. Technical leadership. Performance improvements. Cloud architect. Technology advisor.
Architecture AWS (EC2, RDS, CloudFront, Lambda, S3, Cloudformation...) CI/CD: Github Actions Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and InfluxDB) Docker Flutter (iOS and Android) Golang Javascript/Typescript Microservices MVP PHP (Laravel and Symfony) Scalability Software design
⏲ Min:2h/week — Max:15h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly / Depending on the service requested
Miguel Manzano García — @mmanzano
Backend Development. Software crafter. Testing. Continuous Learning. Love Frontend.
Laravel Laravel Vapor (AWS Lambda) Github Actions for testing and deploy Databases (MySQL) Docker Javascript/Typescript MVP PHP (Laravel) Performance with SQL or PHP itself
⏲ Min:15h/week — Max:30h/week
€ Pricing: Depending on the service requested
Juan Pablo Vazquez — @JuanPabloVazquez
Experienced hands-on software developer. +10 years of expertise in development operations. From concept definition to implementation in production. Focused on creating intelligent solutions that consumers are willing to pay for
Blockchain Python Solidity Django JavaScript React TypeScript Node Nextjs
⏲ Min:5h/week — Max:40h/week
€ Pricing: Can be per hour, per day or per project
Rubén Rubio — @Rubén Rubio
PHP consultancy: legacy decoupling, best practices, performance and optimization, event-driven architectures, testing
PHP hexagonal architecture Event-Driven Testing DDD scalability trainings
⏲ Min:10h/week — Max:30h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly / Depending on the service requested
Aleix Morgadas — @Aleix Morgadas
I’m a independent software consultant with more than 10 years of experience in the software industry.
DDD TeamTopologies Wardley Maps Architecture
⏲ Min:10h/week — Max:30h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly / Depending on the service requested
Asiel Leal Celdeiro — @Asiel
Software/Backend Development
Java SQL Spring Boot JUnit Mockito Hibernate Maven Gradle Git TDD OOP Design Patterns REST BDD
⏲ Min:10h/week — Max:30h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly | Milestones | Fixed price
Andres Correa Casablanca — @Andreu Correa Casablanca
Software Development (Web Fullstack, specialised on Backend); Architecture definition; Performance; Security Hardening; Code Review; Refactoring.
JavaScript TypeScript PHP Python Rust Node PostgreSQL MySQL gRPC GraphQL Docker Kubernetes GCP AWS Microservices CI/CD TDD DDD Architecture
⏲ Min:1h/week — Max:16h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly (from 70€ to 120€/h, better rates for bigger projects)
José Valderrama — @Jose Valderrama
10+ years SwiftUI | iOS iPadOS macOS watchOS tvOS visionOS
Swift Objective-C UIKit SwiftUI Async/Await Combine RxSwift CI/CD TDD Architecture
⏲ Min:1h/week — Max:40h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly | Milestones | Fixed price
Carlos López Gil — @Carlos López
Full-stack development, Software engineering. MVPs for startups
Node React Ruby on Rails AWS Docker MongoDB PostgreSQL Terraform Microservices JavaScript Typescript Tailwind
⏲ Min:2h/week — Max:40h/week
€ Pricing: Depending on the service requested
Aleksander Wennersteen — @Aleksander Wennersteen
Software engineering, prototyping, tech lead. AI/machine learning in production. Startup and scaleup experience.
Python FastAPI PyTorch JAX GPU AWS Terraform K8s
⏲ Min:1h/week — Max:16h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly, depending on the service requested. Exceptionally fixed price.
Sara Víctor — @Sara
Mobile Application and React development services
Frontend Testing Architecture TypeScript React Android iOS Java Kotlin Mobile Apps
⏲ Min:1h/week — Max:8h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly | Milestones | Fixed price
Morgan Williams — @mrgnw
Full-stack data & software engineering: data architectures, API's, web sites
Data Backend Python PostgreSQL ETL Docker Dagster FastAPI Svelte
⏲ Min:1h/week — Max:30h/week
€ Pricing: Hourly | Weekly | Milestones
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