The Mission

BcnEng is a non-profit organization whose mission is to let Barcelona’s tech hub become one of the best tech communities around the globe.


  • Promoting and spreading technical knowledge
  • Enhancing personal and professional relationships in a frame of diversity
  • Foment training among the community

We will do that keeping our values:

  • Transparency
  • Community-driven
  • Diversity
  • Open-source

The History

BcnEng’s Slack started as a solution for a communication problem between two ex-colleagues (Sergio Moya and Gonzalo Serrano) that worked in the same team in a Barcelona startup for years but parted ways for new jobs in November 2016. They wanted to keep being in touch as a group and found Slack was the solution.

Months passed, and the community kept growing slowly but steadily, till today, with more than 11K registered users and around 1.5K weekly active users.

The team

The staff

Luckily, more people organically joined the community to help organize and ensure everything ran smoothly. Here is the staff team:


Distinguished members

Lots of people have and are helping too. A special shout-out to (alphabetically ordered):