With around 10.000 members, channels are essential for structuring content.

We expect from the members of the community to write their messages in the appropiate channel, and the staff team and other community champions will help in that regard.

Read our netiquette to learn which content is not allowed.

As a rule of thumb, the more specific the channel the better. So please, before posting in #offtopic-random, look twice for another channel.

Note: you can propose improvements to this document by communicating them in the #ask-staff channel or opening a pull request

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# general
BcnEng news from @team-staff.
# offtopic-random
A place for non-work-related flimflam, faffing, hodge-podge or jibber-jabber you'd prefer to keep out of more focused work-related channels.
Plase don't use this channel to crosspost or write to reach more audience, since this is one of the larger channels.
# ask-staff
Share your concerns and suggestions, ask the staff team and suggest changes to the community, channels or whatever topic you wish.
For suggestions and discussions around job specs published at #hiring-job-board, please use
# welcome
Present yourself and what do you do.
Do not promote your company or that you are hiring, use #hiring-job-board instead.
# show-and-tell
Tell us about your side projects, new blog posts, podcasts, etc.
Project updates allowed from fully open-source initiatives. Content from companies is forbidden
# hiring-job-board
Regular posting on this channel is not allowed. HOWTO post: Offers must allow people to work from Barcelona or around. For deletion requests, #ask-staff
# hiring-discussions
Conversations around hiring, companies, compensations, etc.
Don't use it to post offers, use `#hiring-job-board` instead.
# contractors-freelancers
For freelancers and contractors to share experiences, tips, and advice.
# systems-devops
Everything related to systems and devops.
# kubernetes
Talk about kubernetes container orchestration.
# cloud-providers
AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.
# continuous-int-deploy
CI/CD such as GHA, Jenkins, Travis, CircleCI
# docker
Everything related to docker.
# linux
Topics such as distros, tools, etc.
# learning-dev
Share resources, experiences, and insights related to learning and development. We encourage everyone to be respectful and supportive of one another as we navigate these important issues together.
# leadership
People and team management, leadership, etc.
# agile
Share and promote best practises and experiences.
# documentation
Let's talk about technical documentation, technical writing, and related topics.
# mentoring
All about mentoring, coaching, etc. You also can ask for mentorships.
# frontend-web
Everything related to web development.
# ux-ui-design
Channel to talk about UX and UI Design.
# mobile
Discussions around dev in iOS, android, phonegap/cordova, react-native...
# reactjs
ReactJS, Redux, etc.
# vuejs
Vuejs Barcelona community
# flutter
All about Flutter and Dart
# gaming-dev
Game development, game engines, game design, etc.
# lang-php-and-fws
PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Zend, etc.
# lang-python
Python community.
# lang-jvm-based
Talk about java, kotlin, scala, groovy, clojure, etc.
# lang-rust
Talk about the Rust programming language.
# lang-ruby
To talk about the Ruby programming language and related frameworks
# lang-erlang-elixir
A good place to squeeze your poor brain.
# lang-scala
All about Scala
# lang-dotnet
C#, F# and other dotnet based technologies.
# lang-go
# lang-js
Javascript, Typescript, NodeJS, etc.
# data-engineering
Data engineering, data pipelines, data lakes, data warehouses, etc.
# software-architecture
Discussions around software architecture and design. Distributed systems, Event-driven architecture, Event Sourcing. Design patterns, SOLID, Hexagonal architecture, DDD, CQRS, CQS, Event Sourcing, etc.
# product-management
Product management, product ownership, product design, etc.
# ai-machine-learning
Everything related to AI and machine learning.
# unit-testing-tdd-bdd
Talk about unit testing, TDD, BDD, first test approach, baby steps...
# apis
Talk and share about APIs: REST, GraphQL, Event-Driven APIs, etc.
# blockchain
Blockchain, bitcoin, ethereum, hyperledger and related stuff from a tech PoV.
# security-cryptography
Channel to talk about security and cryptography (algos, hacks...)
# hardware
All around computers, peripherals, etc. For home projects, you might want to check #offtopic-diy
# git
Git, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, etc.
# cli-lovers
Rants and/or love about all kind of shells (zsh, fish, bash, ash, sh)
# code-editors
Flame wars about code editors xD
# vim-editor
a Channel to talk about emacs ;-), how to use vim as an IDE, minimize keystrokes, and many many more things :wq.
# qa-engineers
QA's, Assemble!
# seo-marketing-online
Marketing Online: SEO, Linkbuilding, BlackHat SEO and WhiteHat SEO, WPO, AdSense, AdWords, CPA, Afiliación, Domains...
# advent-of-code
Discussion of everything related to Join the leaderboard at, code 1511301-4157a05d. You can also check the subreddit
# events-meetups-confs
Share and promote envets, meetups, conferences, etc.
# offtopic-quedadas
Go to lunch, dinner or whatever, it's time to be social!. FYI, we use !here for notifications.
# event-scbcn
# offtopic-gaming
Gaming on any format. Videogames, Boardgames, etc.
# offtopic-books
Book recommendations. Tech or non tech topic related. Enjoy reading.
# offtopic-mercadillo
Looking for something? Something to sell? Any referral/promo codes? Deal!
# offtopic-economy-finance
Discuss about economy, finance, etc.
# offtopic-travel
Talk about travels, ask questions, give feedback or ideas for the next trip!
# offtopic-diy
Do It Yourself: the things you do on your own, usually at home, without paying someone else to do it.
# offtopic-music
Share your music taste: songs, clips, concerts, etc.
# offtopic-science
# offtopic-pets
Share your pets photos, videos, etc.
# offtopic-movies-tv-shows
Talk about movies and tv shows without spoilers!
# offtopic-sports
Get out of the office! Let's do sport!
# offtopic-plant-lovers
:seedling: :sunflower: :deciduous_tree:
# offtopic-photography
Photography, cameras, lenses, techniques, etc.
# offtopic-motorbikes
Binary Motor Club - Join us if you :heart: motorbikes
# offtopic-games-toys-lego
Talk about games, board games, toys, figures, lego and more
# startups
Conversations about startups, entrepreneurship, tech product development, fundraising, tech investors, sales, marketing, etc... Everything related to the tech startup ecosystem.
Note this is not a channel to promote your company in any way. Any spam will be removed accordingly to the CoC.
# codelytv
Debatir cualquier cosilla que veáis en los vídeos de, sugerir material para nuevos vídeos, propuestas, whatever :D
# krakend
KrakenD is a high-performance API Gateway that provides a middle layer between the client apps and the backend services.
# joppy
Sitio de encuentro para la gente interesada en
# is-it-down
Check or tell when a cloud service, website or app is down. Requests for adding/removing feeds to #ask-staff. Sponsored by